Our Story

Our Story

Which would you rather… hand out pens or create a magical trade show
experience that changes the trajectory of your business? TSW can help you revolutionize how you approach and design your trade show booth. 

We are not a promotional product company, we are marketing experts who understand branding and knows how to create engagement.

It's time to be creative... stand out... grab attention... tell your STORY

The right blend of set up and swag can…

TradeShowWiz founder Evelyn Flynn is an entrepreneur, certified speaker and branding consultant who knows how to work her magic when it comes to promotions. She is an expert at meeting client objectives and solving challenging problems when it comes to trade shows. Budgetary constraints and accelerated timelines are handled with ease, thanks to her 27 years of mastery in full-service trade show planning, from concept to execution.

A Shreveport native and graduate of Northwestern State University, Evelyn began her career in retail and promotional jobs before launching her own business. She created Adworks Promotions, Inc. in 1991 and has since provided customized marketing solutions to hundreds of companies – big and small – in a variety of industries including financial, industrial, construction, insurance, healthcare, and education.
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Evelyn is a font of creative ideas for promoting your business, and she stays on the leading edge of what's working for other companies nationwide.


President, Dana Vutera & Associates, Inc. Insurance to Investments

With a focused, innovative approach to your exhibition needs, Evelyn and her team show you how to bring greater value to your next event and get the most out of your trade show investment.
This might include sales training, onsite management, promotional campaigns and giveaways, graphics, displays, and custom trade show swag to better showcase your brand.

Evelyn always has unique marketing ideas and is very knowledgeable about the industry.



Evelyn’s passion as a community leader led to her founding Women Wine & Connections (WWC) to fulfill her mission to give back to women and the community.

She served as past president of the Baton Rouge Referral Group and volunteered for seven years as one of the founding members of Women & Wine on Wednesdays in Baton Rouge, LA.

In addition, she has been a part of the advocate program that handles member retention for the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana since 2011, and she is a Gold Member with Women’s Prosperity Network.
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Ready for results?

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