Sweet & Savory Impressions

There are several approaches you can take when it comes to food give aways. You can utilize branded food gifts at trade shows, as employee appreciation gifts, and client gifts. Let’s start with the benefits of food items at a trade show. Trade Show Fun If you are looking to attract lots of attention, nothing … Read more

Cost Comparison: Swag vs. Facebook Impressions

Just like you, I have a diverse marketing plan. I write blogs, post them them to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I attend trade shows, attend business functions to make new connections, and I also belong to several business networking groups. All businesses need to have this diversity to survive.  Have you noticed a difference in your social media marketing results in … Read more

Tents for All Occasions!

Customize Tents that are easy to set-up with crank-up canopy and stability is what our customers are requesting from us like this Custom Tent that we did for our client at LSU. We suggest to our client that when purchasing a tent or tents to consider these benefits for a 10′ x 10′ Premium Tent the most durable easy crank-up canopy for easy to set-up, rust free, anodized aluminum frame with unique hexagon shaped legs and a 5-year warranty. High quality, flame retardant, weather resistant, 400 denier UV polyester canopy. Our client at LSU wanted a soft case with wheels so that the tent is easy to travel for tailgating events, sporting events, festival or recruiting.  In addition, our art team presented the client at LSU with several Virtual’s with their creative design on the top of the canopy on all 4 sides, back wall double sided imprint and two side walls printed with their logo design. The client ultimately decided to purchase the Premium Tent at LSU.

Tailgating & Festivals
Trade Shows Outdoors & Indoors
Flea Markets & Farmers Markets
Fun Runs or Marathons
Hunting or Sporting Events
Retail for Sidewalk Sales
Restaurants & Job Fairs
Government & Civics Industry
Health & Wellness
Financial Services
Learning & Education

  •  This client sent us a photo of the LSU tent and said: Here is a picture of the tent in action… it worked great, the tent was awesome for our events.

Evelyn Flynn, Chief Branding & Engagement Coach
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Top Marketing Tips for Trade Show Success

Trade Shows are an awesome opportunity to present your company’s products and services. In addition to meeting prospects and potential new clients, trade shows offer an ideal way to do just that and help you achieve the ultimate success. Organizing a trade show or exhibition can be an overwhelming task. Whatever the size of the … Read more

Top 5 Trade Show Giveaways that Stands Out

Who doesn’t love swag! It’s an odd-sounding colloquial term that describes products companies use to market or promote their brand. Swag, also sometimes called schwag, is usually printed with a company’s name, logo, and/or colors. Look for these top seven promotional products to be waved in front of you at your next trade show or … Read more

Trade Shows Go Virtual Reality

Welcome to the world of virtual reality! Everyone is doing it — or should be — and with good reason. If you are not yet incorporating VR into your trade show presence, start making plans to do so. Why? VR experiences are both memorable and impactful. Your booth may be the first contact potential clients have … Read more

Trade Show Swag

Trade Show Swag used as direct mail before the trade show can increase traffic to the your companies trade show booth. Watch this video to learn had swag ideas can drive traffic to your booth. Click on this link to download our Free “7 Insiders Secrets to Magically Ignite Trade Show Investment “http://alturl.com/fzpc85”

Custom Apparel that Leaves Impressions

Custom clothing is a great tool for promoting any business. There are lots of creative ways that this marketing tool can be used. Here are just a few options to get the brainstorming process started. Building on these will create lots of unique marketing strategies that will help to reach a new and diverse audience. … Read more

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