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Cups vs Computers

Whether it’s water or wine drinking is something we all do and everyone needs a way to hydrate. Branded drink ware can come in many forms… wine glass… plastic cup… coffee mug… tumbler… This makes branded drink ware one of the most effective ways to make lasting and ongoing impressions in the community.

Let’s do an Experiment…

Go to your office coffee hub, open the cabinet and see how many branded mugs and glasses are hanging around. Then when you get home, see how many cups are in your kitchen cabinet. What did you find?

Costs of Impressions…

Let’s talk costs before I share ideas. The misconception about swag is that you give it away and everyone is just looking for freebies. Now let’s flip your way of thinking and consider the following…
swag Louisiana

Often we think of swag as something for companies to give away but fail to remember that drink ware, bags, mousepads, and pop-sockets are usable items that continuously share your companies message. Take a look around… your desk, your refrigerator, your cabinets… your long awaited answer for effective advertising has been right in front of you this entire time. 

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4 thoughts on “Cups vs Computers”

  1. Oh my word did you ever give me cause to pause, open my eyes to the possibilities. If only we would think outside of the box and look at the bigger picture. Thank you for taking me down the cup versus computer example.

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