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Football, Festivals, Fun Runs, & 5-K’s

Football season in Louisiana is the promise of cooler weather and the chance to reconnect with friends, clients, and fellow fans.  Many of us are ready to leave the hot summer behind so we can enjoy the season of football, festivals, fun runs and 5-k’s. 

T-shirts make a great giveaway… Here’s why:

58% of the US population own and actively wear promotional t-shirts

The message recall in Louisiana for t-shirts is 88%! That is a lot of impressions.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your swag after you give it away? Well… the answer may surprise you. In the United States,

63% of the swag is given away after the recipient is finished using it!

Curious about the other 37%? When finished with your promotional product 20% throw it away and 17% file it away.

Let’s start talking about swag and setting up for your next event. Below I have listed some new items that can help you with your branding and stand out amongst your competition. 

Is Your Swag a Drag?

It’s time to up your game with a dome tent provides more overhead coverage, more room for eye catching branding, and stands out in a sea of white canopy tents. How would your logo look on this tent? Now you can go online and create a virtual sample!

Serving up Some Food?

Whether you are at a Barbecue competition or serving up some tailgate goodies don’t forget to order your team aprons! 

Take a Seat

Giving away swag that people need will help you make lasting and ongoing impressions through at any sporting event… I’m talking about seat cushions.

Swag… it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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