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How to Connect Using Nostalgic Swag

slinky promotional product

Trends come and go, did you realize that outdated trends can also create fun memories? Make people stop, smile, and play with your swag. Sharing memories is a great way to connect with people attending a trade show or an event. 

5 things happen when you bring back toys from our childhood. 

Stop. Look. Play. Listen. Connect.


Nostalgic toys stop people in their tracks. They can’t resist looking and playing. When they start sharing their experiences from their childhood, be sure to listen and connect. Who can resist stopping to play with a slinky



The second you can make someone laugh you immediately start to build trust. Think back to when you were a kid and what toys brought you joy… was it a yoyofrisbeesilly putty… a pet rock?  


I worked with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank when it came time for their swag. We went retro with the puzzle cube and it was a HUGE success!


Ready to get started on your next project or need some more ideas on how to connect with your audience?


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3 thoughts on “How to Connect Using Nostalgic Swag”

  1. What a great idea and ways for using nostalgic toys and gadgets from the past. They bring back such fond memories…maybe one we haven’t even thought of in years….but it instantly brings joy when we see it. Great way to connect. Thanks for sharing this!


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