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Sweet & Savory Impressions

There are several approaches you can take when it comes to food give aways. You can utilize branded food gifts at trade shows, as employee appreciation gifts, and client gifts. Let’s start with the benefits of food items at a trade show.

Trade Show Fun

If you are looking to attract lots of attention, nothing works better than the smell of popcorn. Investing in a tabletop portable popcorn popper is an affordable investment. Don’t forget to order some branded popcorn bags. Before you know it the trade show will be flooded with your popcorn bags.

There is also the option of branded microwavable popcorn. When everyone gets back to their hotel room after the show, attendees have an easy late night snack. 

There are tons of healthy branded options to give away… water, almonds, Cliff Bars, etc. What’s important is knowing that food attracts people to your booth. Then it is up to you to create the conversation, engage, create the lead generating process, and make a positive impression.

The Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about employee and client appreciation gifts.  Appreciation comes in all sizes. I love to put together nice baskets of customized goodies such as cookies, candies, and mints. What’s even better than giving away a bountiful basket? Seeing the appreciation, laughter, and the joy of your clients and staff as the dig through all the wonderful bags of candy. 

For your more premier clients, you may want to provide them with an appreciation gift that is a little more refined. I recommend a nice wine gift with artisan cheeses. I promise if you give away a smoked turkey that comes with it’s own cutting board and slicer, everyone will look forward to you dropping by. 

When possible, I highly recommend personally delivering the higher end gifts. Showing up with special holiday items creates appreciation and attention. It’s a special way to connect with clients and let them know how important they are.

Small Details

The little things make a difference. Individually wrapped mints and lollipops are always a big hit. Small details make a lasting impression. The mints and little tasty treats can be used in lots of different ways… on the counter top, in the break room, and at trade shows. 

Make sure your sales team has plenty of sweet treats to hand out with their business cards.

Looking for new ways to amp up your trade show game? 

Need new ideas on how to connect with new clients?  

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