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Trade Shows Go Virtual Reality

Welcome to the world of virtual reality! Everyone is doing it — or should be — and with good reason. If you are not yet incorporating VR into your trade show presence, start making plans to do so. Why? VR experiences are both memorable and impactful. Your booth may be the first contact potential clients have with VR, and it’s going to leave a lasting impression.

To get started with VR, understand why it’s effective. Then, determine your target audience. When presenting a VR demo at a trade show, you must have a primary objective. The demo could help you generate awareness about your product, attract genuine prospects or engage visitors. Build a VR demo accordingly.

Using a VR demo is better than not having one. Here are three simple reasons why: It offers a way for your audience to interact with your business.

VR allows you to scale bigger than video. For instance, if you want to show your new building or latest product, VR allows for interactive presentations with actual-size 3D models. This gives your audience a better representation of what you offer and delivers it with a wow factor.

Everyone has a video. Been there, done that. VR helps you stand out. With a VR demo, you can show how advanced and connected your company is to the latest technology. Videos are important and help showcase what you do, but VR goes beyond.

Trade shows are distracting. You will be competing with other booths, background noise, and crowds. If you want to tell a compelling story, whether it’s how your business came to be or a product launch, virtual reality cuts those distractions and draws in the viewer. Ninety-two percent of trade show attendees come to see what’s new, so show them in a way like no other.

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Evelyn Flynn, Chief of Branding & Engagement Officer

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