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How to Think Outside the Wellness Swag Bag

Wellness giveaways are not just for medical clinics going to expos. Have you considered wellness swag for your staff? Take employee appreciation one step further and give your staff a gift that shows you are committed to their wellness.

Typically, when you think of wellness swag hand sanitizers, tiny first aid kits, and stress balls come to mind. Well… Trade Show Wiz has come up with some creative ideas that will be appreciated by your team when you show your appreciation.

Let’s get started…

Rest & Relaxation Goodie Bag 

A branded jute bag that comes with a:

  • Massager
  • Therapeutic Gel pack
  • Eye mask
  • Neck Pillow
  • Lip moisturizer ball
  • Adult coloring book
  • Set of colored pencils

Aromatherapy Sleep Kit

This relaxation kit comes with:

  • Lavender Body Mist
  • Lavender Bath Salts
  • Sleep Mask
  • Clear vinyl bag 





In the Community

The purpose of swag is to cover the town with branded items that can help people in your community. Spread the word about health and wellness with this helpful ‘PREVENT’ tips.

Trade Show Swag for Wellness

Insulated cooler totes are great swag for during and after the trade show. How does a cooler tote fit into health and wellness? When you go grocery shopping (especially in the high heat of summer) keep your meats and dairy cool by storing them in a cooler tote until you get home.

Here are a few more ideas to fill up the swag bag:

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